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Susanne Paul

Die Groovestrich-Schule
The Groovebowing Technique (formerly the "Bossastrich-Schule")
15 pieces for learning and playing the "groovebowing" technique and Latin American rhythms.
This booklet is an easy way to learn a special, groove-oriented bowing technique you can use for playing all kinds of rhythmically intricate music. It's also a great way to train & practice basic rhythmic skills on string instruments. This book focusses on typical rhythms and patterns of Latin American music, but the groovebowing technique is also used by the pros in a large range of vernacular styles such as jazz, bluegrass or rock.
The difficulty of the 15 pieces increases gradually, adding new rhythmic elements step by step. They can be played solo or as a duo.

For 1-2 cellos, intermediate level, published by Ponticello-Edition (in German). You can order it from me, the publisher or your local music store.

- Also available: a version for 1-2 violins. -

A video demo of groovebowing (back from when I still called it "bossa bowing").

Here are audio files of all pieces - usable as playalongs or just for listening. Cello 1 is on the right, cello 2 is on the right side. You'll hear 4 beats before every piece to count you in.

This is the pizzicato version of the Bossa Brasileira, which is not included in the booklet. The part is downloadable for free from Ponticello-Edition